I am trying to write…..

Ok, first of all I am very very sorry that I have not been posting. I am really going to try to post every Sunday 12:00 pm CST.

This post is going to be something a little different. I am trying to find my inner Luna. If you don’t get what that means, it means that I want to write more and Luna loves to write and is really good at it, so yeah.

The image that is below this will be my inspiration. I will write what it makes me feel and what comes to my mind when I look at the image. I really hope you guys like it. Abstract writing is kinda new to me so please do not judge. I want to do more writing to please tell me if you like it. I will probably not be as good as Luna though……

This forest could look spooky to some, but enchanting to others. To me this forest is magical and yet a little spooky. The mist that lays a blanket over the ground. The moss covers the rocks and trees to make them look soft. The trees look like you could climb right up in them. The rocks on the ground that make it look bumpy and interesting. Everything is so green. It reminds me of going into a grove of great climbing trees and getting all up in them. But then, it sends a chill up my spine. A chill of fear. Something might come out from the rocks or the ground and get me. Something that will be scary and haunting and terrifying.

I really do hope you all enjoyed this and let me know if you want more of it.

6 thoughts on “I am trying to write…..

  1. I LOVE this Joy!!! The poem is amazing and totally fits with the picture. I would love to see more poems like this! Keep up the great work wonderful Joy!

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  2. I love this and the words used to describe the picture were right on the mark..I felt I waryaright there in the picture..both a little scary and also very fascinated with it all. Also keep writing and creating for yourself not to be as good as someone else. Mary

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