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Hi! We’re Joy and Luna, and we started this blog to share our creative lives and put a smile on our readers’ faces! We hope this blog inspires you to create and shows you that anyone can do anything that they set their mind to! Hope you enjoy reading our blog!

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Looking at the sky, I see Luminous dots of energy and light, soothed by the reassuring moon. They channel the energy of a thousand suns Telling the stories of a lifetime ago through their bright gazes upon this small earth. Tiny but mighty. I wish I was a star, then maybe I could be braver,…


I have a polished exterior Little do they know All the feelings I keep bottled up. My cork is on tight, But sometimes I spill myself When I’m full and can’t hold it in. The liquid I keep inside of my bottle Isn’t the most pleasant thing. It’s a jumble of memories from experiences I’d…

Wall of Emotion

She knew she had to confront them for everything they had done. For the lies they had told her over the years they had known her. For the things they had done to those she cared about. And yet…how to do this to the people who had raised her? Or was their love a lie…

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