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Hi! We’re Joy and Luna, and we started this blog to share our creative lives and put a smile on our readers’ faces! We hope this blog inspires you to create and shows you that anyone can do anything that they set their mind to! Hope you enjoy reading our blog!

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Tainted Image

Our lives are viewed through frosted glass Every sight a mirage of what it is Carrying truth one second Molded in our image the next As we cloud it with the shadows of judgement. Will humans ever be able to see The true image of themselves? Or are we forever condemned to have Souls thatContinue reading “Tainted Image”


Words, they can build you Palaces and paint paintings With a few penstrokes.

My Moment

A special stillness A gentle whisper of wind A secret smile

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*We’re beginners at this whole blogging thing, so please forgive us if we’re a little slow to update JoyLunaLife. As a result, this blog is still in a stage of development–bear with us for a moment please!