Wall of Emotion

She knew she had to confront them for everything they had done. For the lies they had told her over the years they had known her. For the things they had done to those she cared about. And yet…how to do this to the people who had raised her? Or was their love a lie too? She didn’t know. So she sat, listening to the wind whistle, singing of a troubled past that she didn’t know how to face.

Shattered Mind

Hello! Sorry, it’s been forever 😦 I’ve just been super busy with school…Well anyway, enjoy!

Rising from the ashes of a life once blossoming

Comes the soul of a fallen angel so plagued by its suffering

Angry for oneself and for those around who have been harmed

Beautiful in all the pain and wrath and pure, unbridled emotion.

Once an innocent mind, but the corners of that past are unreachable

Never going back to perfection that is now just a memory in a tattered world.

New Beginnings (and Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year, dear humans! Hope you enjoy this special post!

A blank canvas spread out before me,

As pure as untouched snow.

As I surveyed the vast nothingness,

I wondered–where should I go?

What should I be, given a chance

To start anew…

So I walked away from the canvas,

Choosing to leave it pure

Until I was ready for more.

2020 vs 2021

Hey, everyone. I hope everyone had and are having a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other December holiday.

Today, I want to ask your opinion about something. So, I am hearing people say things like “Yay!! 2020 is nearly over” or “2021 is coming, we are saved!” But in reality I don’t know how I feel about all of that. 2020 has brought some pretty positive things to me, even with COVID-19 and quarantining. For example, Luna and I got this blog, and I got a trampoline (which wouldn’t of happened if we weren’t on lockdown). Although this year has been somewhat of a bummer, I still think it has brought many post it every outcomes. So, I thought it would be cool to see what you guys thought. I below this text there will be a poll with two options: 2020 or 2021. Then if you want you can say why in the comments. (This is optional, don’t do it if you don’t want to)

I hope everyone has a very very happy new year!!


I. physical

A large quiet world,

Suddenly, sharp sensation,

Then gone–sweet relief.

II. emotional

World is off kilter

Hurt feelings refuse to go–

Lost soul, broken heart.

III. physical/emotional (take your pick)

Can pain take a life?

My suffering makes me think–

Is it worth living?


The moonlight glimmers

on her smooth surface–

perpetuated only by waves.

Loving mother to many,

powerful and fiercely loyal to her children.

She dominates most of our planet,

yet she is ever humble,

giving herself wholly to our human whims.

When she gets angry,

she is devastating,

but when she is calm,

she is beautiful.

Thank you, Ocean,

for being so accepting

of our destructive and immature species.

Thank you

for not leaving

our lonely planet

for without you, we are nothing.


With a fierce, pure energy,

she strikes.

With all of the anger and power of her ancestors before her,

she strikes.

In a dark world, where clouds blanket the atmosphere,

she strikes.

To create light in a dull place,

she strikes.

To awe and inspire those around her,

she strikes.

To feel the soft grass under her sharp tip for the first time,

she strikes.

To give you a tiny glimpse of the heavens,

she strikes.

Like all of her family before her,

she strikes for a reason.

And she strikes mainly for you.

Wisdom Of Writers: Tear Drops

Great inspiration for fellow writers from @Lorene M.! And it’s so true!

Writing about...Writing

Pain is one of the emotions that creates the best work. If your soul is in pain, that’s when you should write the most because that’s when there is a true connection between your heart and your hands.

From this perspective, this is how Paulo Coelho sees tears:

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