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Wall of Emotion

She knew she had to confront them for everything they had done. For the lies they had told her over the years they had known her. For the things they had done to those she cared about. And yet…how to do this to the people who had raised her? Or was their love a lieContinue reading “Wall of Emotion”

Shattered Mind

Hello! Sorry, it’s been forever 😦 I’ve just been super busy with school…Well anyway, enjoy! Rising from the ashes of a life once blossoming Comes the soul of a fallen angel so plagued by its suffering Angry for oneself and for those around who have been harmed Beautiful in all the pain and wrath andContinue reading “Shattered Mind”

Wasted Away

I found a treasure on the shore, I was warned of it, That it would rip me of my heart and soul. But it was enticing, So I picked it up, And instantly—I was lost in an abyss, A lifetime forever lost.

The End

Time stops suddenly The silence around is deafening Hollow empty space Resurrected only by sounds of breathing And then what? Our memories—will they matter in the end? Reduced to ashes Only a blip in the past life.


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