About Joy

Hi! I am Joy, co-creator of JoyLunaLife and Luna’s friend. In my spare time I like to bake, draw, play guitar, play LEGOs with my younger brother, ride my bike, whittle with my pocket knife, play video games with and without friends, and play games with my family (there are a lot more but that is just a few). Some of the things I want to put on JoyLunaLife are my guitar songs, my LEGO creations, some of my baking recipes, and maybe even a few videos of my playing Roblox with my friends! I hope you enjoyed reading this and will enjoy JoyLunaLife!

About Luna

I’m Luna, Joy’s friend and co-creator of JoyLunaLife. I write poems. It’s what I do. So if you like poems, walruses, and random insights into random stuff, then this blog is for you. I love walruses (duh) and books. I enjoy writing poems more than I like reading them; however, I do read poems every once in a while for inspiration. Enjoyyyyy!!!!!!!

I am a walrus.

-Luna Silverwings

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