I have a polished exterior

Little do they know

All the feelings I keep bottled up.

My cork is on tight,

But sometimes I spill myself

When I’m full and can’t hold it in.

The liquid I keep inside of my bottle

Isn’t the most pleasant thing.

It’s a jumble of memories from experiences I’d rather forget.

My bottle is heavy,

So sometimes I just want to uncap it

Let all of my burdens go.

I’d rather just empty it

Make the weight go away.

But it’s a a lot easier said than done.

So I’ll ask you one question:

What’s in your bottle?

What do you keep inside that you want to let go of?

Let it go here,

We’ve all been through this before,

And we love you, no matter what you say.

Published by Luna

Hi, I'm co-blogger for I like writing poetry, drawing, and reading. Thank you for reading my work, and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Bottle

  1. While holding my bottle, I tend to peer in and ask what are you ready to release, on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s anxiety, sometimes it’s grief for what was or what never was, sometimes it’s anger and disappointment with myself or others, sometimes a minor irritation.
    And just before it is ready to leave I ask it, is there anything else you want to teach me? I am here, I am listening. Before it takes its last flight from the edge of the bottle I hear it whisper and it’s parting gift lands in my heart. It becomes the fresh healing waters that fills my bottle.

    Thanks for that.


  2. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love this poem Luna!!!!! My bottle usually has stress and secrets that I want to tell but I’m scared to because I’m worried people would judge me. Tysm for ur poems Luna, you make my day better 🙂


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