Another writing thingy…

Hey everyone! Since everyone liked my last post on the forest, I thought I would do another one. Also, I said in my last post that I would post every Sunday at 12:00 pm CST, but I have decided that I will just post every week or maybe multiple times a week. And I will hold myself to it. I hope you guys understand.

This fern is opening up to the world. The leaves still curled, are green and vibrant like they are absorbing all of the joy and happiness, and using that energy to grow. You can see them reaching out to the sunlight. The sun is feeding it. It is trying to grow stronger and bigger. All the other ferns and other plants around it support this new little piece of life that is growing.

I know this writing piece was a little short but I hope you guys liked it anyway! Thank you for all of the support on this blog. Luna and I both really appreciate it!

4 thoughts on “Another writing thingy…

  1. JOY!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! When I first saw the picture I had seriously no clue what the heck that was but it was really interesting. I love your writing about growth and support, and combining science (photosynthesis lol) with poetry. This is so beautiful, well all your writing is. Actually, this reminded me of the plant in Wall-E (I name myself Pixaryy for a reason) and that just adds to it :D. Keep up the great work and I hope you and Luna had a great Thanksgiving!

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  2. Love this. We as humans are kind of like this little fern. We need joy and happiness to brighten our days and help us grow. Love the pictures you are choosing. Keep up the wonderful work!!! Love Mary

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  3. It’s appropriate that you write under the name of Joy since your blog brings us all much Joy. I love the idea of the beautiful support of the sun bring support to another living thing, just as I have always appreciated the support of family and friends that shine in my life.

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