Death. Symbolized by black, and funerals, and lots of crying. For most of us, it is something we dread our whole lives. Death is the ultimatum, and it is coming for you. So why are we so afraid? Why do we so hate something that is inevitable? And on that note, why do we celebrate birth? Why do we celebrate the arrival of a new soul into this world, but we don’t celebrate the departure of a soul out of this world? Really, it’s symbolic. Nothing lasts forever, and death teaches us that. Please stop being afraid of death, and rather, do what you can with your life before you face the inevitable.

P.S. Before you tell me that I’ve been possessed, I just posted this so that I could write down a few deep thoughts that were going through my head today.

8 thoughts on “Death

  1. Hey. Thanks for this post. i’m going through a really hard time right now and this has really helped me. I agree with your opinions about death but can you do a post like this, but with explaining suicide? that would mean a lot to me. I love how this blog has more realism I’ve been following this blog for a while now and thanks so much for being positive you have helped me a lot


  2. I like what you said Luna and you are correct. However, it is getting where someone does pass away their family has a “Celebration of Life.” I’ve been to a couple of those and it was just as you said celebrating someone’s life by way of their death. I kind of think we should celebrate all our lives as we go along and maybe just recap it all at the end. You girls are doing a great job I love reading your blog.



  3. Luna those are wonderful deep thoughts! Celebrate life! And celebrate death, some cultures call it honorable disclosure. Honoring the power and purpose that one brings to this life with respect and closure so they can move into the next live with ease and purpose.

    We go through many deaths in our lifetimes. Anytime we want to change and grow we let go of what we used to be. When we move through different parts of our lives if we can have honorable disclosure for what we are letting go of or moving from we can celebrate what was and create room for the new parts of ourselves, new time in our life, new life.

    Do you think that some people may be more afraid of living their life fully than they are of dying? It takes great courage to create with the fullness of your potential in this life. It looks like JoyLunaLife has great courage!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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