Hi everybody!! I am so so so so sorry for not posting lately. With school starting back in a few weeks, I still may not upload frequently, but I am hoping to try to post every Saturday. The post should go live around noon (CST).

I am also going to start a weekly series.It is called Joy’s Adventures. Joy’s Adventures will be posted every Monday. I have created a LEGO minifigure that somewhat resembles me (my dream me). I will take her around places in my house and outside that will make for a funny photo op. I will also change her torso and legs appropriate to the place of the picture. I will also put captions and may even a a speech bubble to LEGO Joy. Hope you will enjoy it!!

So, about the photoshoot thing. My friend Sakura and I were playing Roblox one day, she found this photoshoot game (Bitter Fashion Photoshoot), so we played it. We did a few different topics: causal, emo/goth, camping, and active. Sakura and I actually made a huge list of themes so you’ll see more pics in future posts. Sakura has black hair in the pictures and I have blonde, and in the active photo I have blue hair and Sakura had pink. I hope you like them!! Joy out.

P.S. – We wore masks to support the fact that you should wear mask when you are out of the house or around people that aren’t in your household. So, please stay home and stay safe.





2 thoughts on “Photoshoot!!

  1. *applause* Why the heck can I not take such aesthetic photos. You two are so talented and totally adorable in the pics. *applause*


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